If you are looking for a truly big screen immersive TV viewing experience, then you need to go larger than inches. In such a situation you are looking at a inch TV that brings with it an immersive viewing experience. Today we will list for you the best inch TVs that money can buy to immerse you into the movie, TV show or games you are playing. These TVs not only have a large screen size, but features to back up the large size.

Best 65-inch TVs 2020: the best big-screen 4K TVs you can buy

They bring with them support for 4K resolution along with HDR. Some even offer Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision capabilities. Although the prices of the products mentioned in the list given below have been updated as of 24th Janthe list itself may have changed since it was last published due to the launch of new products in the market since then.

The TV still retains all the AI abilities found on the model. It comes with a magic remote that you can use as a mouse on the TV making navigation a breeze. The remote control is voice-enabled and it supports both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. The TV retains the design found on last year's C9. It also has a home dashboard to control your IoT enabled devices. It is an OLED panel giving you deep blacks and rich colours. The TV has a Netflix calibrated mode giving you the Netflix experience that content creators wanted to give consumers.

The TV is also feature rich. It has the second generation Sony Acoustic Surface technology which makes the entire display a speaker. The TV has three actuators and two subwoofers to give you an immersive experience. The TV can also work as a centre channel in your home theatre setup eliminating the need for you to invest in a centre channel. When left in standby mode you can switch on and off the TV from the comfort of your voice.

It brings with it all the bells and whistles of the flagship CX but at a slightly lower price. The lower price is because the BX uses a generation older alpha 7 Gen 3 processor from LG and the panel's peak brightness is slightly lower than the CX. However, one would be hard-pressed to tell the difference in picture quality between the 2 TVs. It also comes with the magic remote with support for both, the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The TV is wafer-thin. The tabletop stand is also different between the CX and the BX but when mounted on a wall, the 2 look identical. The BX has the same tabletop stand as the B9.

The Sony A8G has the same feature set as the A9G mentioned above with the only difference being the design and the processor powering the TV. It also has a slightly different design. The A8G brings with it fantastic picture quality, runs on Android TV out of the box and brings with it the Google Assistant along with a voice-enabled remote control. Out of Stock. It has a near bezel-less design for an immersive viewing experience. The TV also actively adapts to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness.

The TV supports Alexa and Bixby built-in.If you have a large and spacious living room where you can sit far and enjoy watching TV, a 65 inch TV is the perfect choice for you. These TVs provide a vivid viewing experience to the users as playing games or watching movies on the big screen is definitely mesmerizing. It becomes equally important to consider other factors too apart from just the screen size. Most important factors are:. Refresh rate refers to the number of times an image refreshes or reappears on the screen and is measured in Hertz Hz.

The standard refresh rate for any TV is 60Hz. This is good if you use TV just for entertainment purposes but if you play games or like watching thriller or action movies, check for a TV that offers a Hz refresh rate. This will avoid blurry scenes. HDR technology works on boosting the brightness, color, and contrast level, thereby making the pictures look more realistic. While most of the TVs support HDR10, it would be a wise decision to buy a Dolby Vision as it offers better performance and is gaining popularity.

Apart from these factors, there are some other factors like operating systems, connectivity options, etc.

6 Biggest TV Buying Mistakes to Avoid in 2020 - Buy The Right TV!

We have mentioned them in the Buying Guide below. Along with this, we have also covered the most frequently asked question FAQs that can be helpful to you. All these brands deliver the best picture quality and performance. However, if you are looking for a smaller TV, you can check 55 inch TVs. You can check some great options here. Along with outstanding picture quality, the sound output is amazing too. The usage of Dolby Digital Audio makes it a perfect choice for those who are looking forward to buying a 65 inch TV at an affordable price.

This also makes it one of the best 65 inch smart TV under in India. The Kaizen Series 65 inch TV offers a stunning visual experience to its users. It also allows you to watch your favorite content in ultra-high 4K resolution, irrespective of the viewing angle. Rather than typing or scrolling, you can simply hold the mic button on the remote and search for content. Powered by a Quad-Core processor, the TV allows quick boot-up, smooth performance, and faster browsing options.

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It also comes with Bluetooth 5. Some of the pre-installed apps are Netflix and YouTube. With stunning 3D graphics and vibrant visual details, it takes the gaming experience to another level.

best 65 inch tv 2020 india

The built-in Chromecast is another feature that allows you to stream the content easily on your TV.We purchase our own TVs and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. If you sit far from your TV or want a nice, big TV for watching movies, a 65 inch is the way to go. While they used to be very expensive, 65 inch TVs have slowly become the norm, and you can now get one in almost every price range.

Almost every TV model is available in both 55 and 65 inches, so you'll have a wide selection of TVs to choose from when looking for the best 65 inch TV. We've tested more than 80 TVs in the last two years, and below are our recommendations for the best 65 inch TVs you can buy.

best 65 inch tv 2020 india

It's packed with features for both gamers and movie fans, and it's a good choice for bright and dark rooms. This results in an infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity as there's no blooming around bright objects, making it a fantastic choice for watching movies in the dark. If you also want to use it in a fairly well-lit room, it has outstanding reflection handling.

It displays a wide color gamut for HDR content and gets fairly bright in that mode, but it still may not be enough to make some highlights really pop. This could be a problem if you constantly watch the same content that has static elements, like the news, a game's user interface, or if you use it as a PC monitor.

However, we don't expect this to be an issue for those who watch varied content, and LG has implemented a few settings to help reduce the risk, like 'Pixel Refresher' and 'Screen Shift' options. Regardless of this issue, most people should enjoy this option, making it the best 65 inch TV we've tested. If worried about the permanent burn-in on an OLED TV, LED options don't face this problem, so you can also leave it on your favorite news channel all day without worrying about long-term damage.

The Samsung is a premium 4k TV with an impressive all-around performance that most people should be happy with. Its response time is excellent, it has a Black Frame Insertion feature to reduce motion blur, and input lag is incredibly low.

However, it displays a wide color gamut and has good HDR peak brightness, enough to make highlights pop. Unfortunately, our unit has some uniformity issues with dirty screen effect in the center, which could get distracting while watching sports. However, this may vary between units. Overall, if you're in the market for an LED option, you should be pleased with this one.

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It also has incredible black uniformity, but this may vary between units. It displays a very wide color gamut for HDR content with near-perfect coverage of the commonly-used DCI P3 color space, and it has excellent gradient handling, so HDR content looks amazing. Even if you're using it in bright lighting conditions, it has excellent reflection handling, and it easily gets bright enough to combat glare. Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles, and it's not suggested for a wide seating arrangement.

It also doesn't upscale lower-resolution, like from DVDs or cable boxes, well, but this shouldn't be a problem if you just watch Blu-rays or native 4k content. Additionally, the Vizio SmartCast system can crash at times, and you can't download any extra apps, but you can cast anything you want from your phone. If you want something cheaper, then check out the Hisense 65H9G.

The Hisense still displays a wide color gamut for HDR content, has a high peak brightness, and great gradient handling. However, it still has an amazing response time, a Black Frame Insertion feature, and a low input lag for gaming. It also upscales lower-resolution content without any issues and removes 24p judder from any source.

If you simply want the best 65 inch TV for watching HDR movies, go for the Vizio, but if you want to save some money, check out the Hisense. It's lower-end than the Hisense H9G and is limited to a 60Hz panel, but it costs less and is a better option for those on a budget.In a Hurry? Buy Now on Amazon Amazon. Every year trends changes and people demand more in their wishlist. Nowadays, everybody demands of King Size TV. The Indian markets are flooded by so many big-screen TVs.

Every buyer gets influenced by one TV to the other. They are fully android, great in the picture and sound quality. It will offer you all excellent smart TV features that you have ever desired.

best 65 inch tv 2020 india

Check Price on Amazon Amazon. Sony models are known for its resolution and output sound. It is a 65 inch OLED TV and comes the 8 million pixels for the best visual experience with the pure blacks, no blur images, and a full view angle. The television has high-grade speakers with the actuators behind the TV.

This vibrates the screen to create the sound that is engaging and subwoofers behind it to provide the deep bass. You can review the vivid images that are evoked in every scene. The video will deliver a wide range of brightness. You can explore the new world with this TV. Everything you will be doing on the smartphone will be on big screen TVs. It enables you to access any content from apps to films and between the different devices in the simplest way.

Best 65 Inch TV In India to Buy for January 2021

From Google Play Store, you can download, store, and play games even offline. It allows to search the content and brings the Google search.

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Apart from this, you can cast your favourite TV shows or movies from your device to the display. It is a Netflix recommended TV for the high performance and with the list of features. The content bar will quickly allow you to find the movies.

You can call up the content, and you can keep on watching while you scan through the TV. Enjoy picture and sound in perfect harmony. Overall, it offers brilliant colours, excellent depth and value for money.

It features over 33 million self-lighting pixels, and the OLED panel allows you to watch richer colours with true-to-life pictures. Using deep learning algorithms, its processor analyses upscales and enhances picture detail. You can also control your entertainment hands-free with voice control with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

Gamers will love this excellent OLED TV for gaming as it features Nvidia G-Sync display that allows to play at a higher standard as images and motion appear smoother and clearer and smoother with reduced lag and flicker.

Its ultra-thin design adds elegance to your house, and it perfectly fits in any room. It comes with a multitasking feature that is uploaded with so many apps. Overall, it is best to suit gamers of all levels. It enhances the viewing experience by allowing you to see the details and colours of every scene.

With the Q contrast, you can see all the tiny aspects of every scene, even with all the lighting in the room. You can see all the details of the brightest and darkest scenes.

Best 65-inch 4K TV 2021: the best big screen TVs for any budget

On the other hand, its ambient mode allows you to turn your living room into a gallery. Also, you can use this mode to play the music with a voice command.While it's certainly not always the case, with TVs the old adage holds true: bigger generally is better. As the quality of content at our disposal improves, with more pixels being pushed out by TV broadcasters, streaming services and Blu-ray discs, it's worth getting a bigger screen to make the most of it.

HD and now 4K video means you can sit closer to your TV, while smaller bezels make modern inch TVs significantly less massive than those that have gone before. They're getting ever thinner, lighter and easier to wall-mount, too. No wonder inch TVs have risen so much in popularity.

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Black Friday is a great time to buy a new TV. Manufacturers steadily reduce the prices of even their best models over the course of a year, but during Black Friday you often get big, temporary drops that are well worth pouncing on. Afraid of missing out? Bookmark our TV deals page and we'll keep an eye on prices for you. It produces stunningly crisp and detailed pictures from all sources, delivers far more accomplished audio than most rivals, adds awesome Ambilight which extends the onscreen action onto the wall around the TV in the form of coloured light to the mix, and has a lower price tag than its LG, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung equivalents.

We say "will" because the set requires a firmware update, but Sony assures that'll land in time for the PS5's launch. With or without these console gaming features, this is an awesome TV. And the picture quality?

There are plenty of options to fiddle with, but just leave it on auto and you'll still be treated to a great experience visually. It's got good sound, too. A little lightweight compared to some, but it's clear, precise and well projected. An ideal option for both gamers and non-gamers alike.

Best 65-inch TV In India

While most people will opt for LG's C-class OLED, which is the most affordable set with all of the best picture processing, this GX takes that same picture and adds more powerful sound and a beautiful design.

This is LG's 'Gallery' model, and as such is entirely intended for wall-mounting. You don't even get a stand in the box although feet can be bought separatelywith a low-profile mount provided instead. The set is a uniform 2cm deep, which is exceptionally slim. The CX, by comparison, is 4. Picture-wise, LG has taken the exemplary performance of its OLEDs and improved it in a few key areas, with dark detail, colour richness and motion handling all getting a worthwhile boost.

The set sounds decent, too, particularly for one with essentially invisible speakers. Either way, this is a stunning TV and currently the best inch TV you can buy. It may be an older model now, but it's still available and has had some tasty discounts. What this TV offers is a very watchable and forgiving picture with wonderfully balanced colours, superb detail and simply the best motion processing tech around at the moment.

It's exceptionally bright and vibrant for the price. Full marks. Brand new forthe Q95T isn't the successor to the Q90R that we were expecting it to be, but it is a brilliant TV in its own right and has launched at a lower price than did its 'predecessor'.

It has fewer dimming zones and goes less bright in real terms than the Q90R, but the Q95T is otherwise better in every meaningful way. It delivers a richer, more solid and more natural picture, much improved motion processing, and better sound. The Tizen operating system is largely unchanged, and that's no bad thing. No other operating system has as much content or more quickly gets you to what you want to watch.

All in all, definitely one of the best inch TVs you can buy. And it does a mighty fine job of doing so.The best inch 4K TVs of are excellent choices for anyone looking to significantly upgrade their home cinema setup. Average TV sizes tend to grow year on year, and inch is currently the flagship size. The best inch TVs pack in a lot of premium features to amp up the picture quality, whether that's OLED panels, 8K resolutionor just the processing to keep motion smooth and brightness to ensure colors stay vivid consistently during TV shows and films.

But there are also more affordable models that sacrifice the polish of higher-end sets to drastically lower the asking price. The big tech expo is where all the upcoming tech for the next twelve months is showcased and we saw new TV models of all sizes — which we'll be adding to this list once we've had a hands-on with the new launches.

Sure, most smart TVs these days have 4K resolution built-in, and feature color and contrast improvements with HDR high dynamic range. One of the main benefits of a larger TV is that a inch model can help showcase enhancements in far more detail than any inch TV set could. Of course, there is the option to go even larger.

Of course, for under-performing TVs, going for a bigger screen size can just mean its flaws video noise, inconsistent brightness, etc are on display far more visibly than on a small TV. There's not much different compared to the LG C9 which held this spot last yearaside from an upgraded chip to better improve the picture processing algorithms. The display is also incredibly thin, at just a couple of millimeters deep — while still managing to fit in four HDMI 2.

Not to forget LG's webOS smart platform, which is market-leading in its intuitive interface and helpful content rows. You can nab it in inch, inch, and inch sizes too, but those of you after a jaw-dropping inch TV need look no further. You're also getting one of Samsung's 8K TVs for the same price the 4K Q90R retailed for last year, making this a great choice for someone put off by 8K's lofty price tag in previous ranges. Samsung is aggressively pursuing 8K these days, so much so that it's saving the best specs and features for 8K models.

That means the Q95T we reviewed isn't quite as impressive as its previous iteration, and means the best Samsung TVs are including more and more 8K screens as time goes on. The QT offers predictable exceptional upscaling, with even HD looking crisp and detailed on its 8K screen. Colors aren't always as popping as on the LG CX above; this Samsung set does however have ample brightness, even if the full array backlight tends to temper its brightest images to reduce blooming of 'halos' against dark backgrounds.

There are a couple of notable omissions that stop the HZ climbing higher in the list — mainly the lack of the Disney Plus streaming service, as well as the absence of HDMI 2. That last point, combined with unremarkable input lag, means this isn't a gamer's dream — but the crowd Panasonic is really out to please is cinephiles. You won't be disappointed with the picture, and the 80W Dolby Atmos speakers will ensure that the sound doesn't slack, either.

You won't get this set in the US — despite Panasonic's cosy relationship with Hollywood colorists — but those of you in the UK, Europe, Australia and Canada can count on it coming to you. The impressive sound system, too, combines a two-subwoofer bass system with screen-shaking Acoustic Surface Audio tech, making for a real treat as a TV to watch movies and TV shows.

What's notable about the A8H is that it applies HDR mastering to all SDR sources in Vivid, Standard and Cinema picture modes — but that this across-the-board application actually works, enhancing scenes without turning them into palettes of off-color images. Upscaling, too, is as exceptional as we found with the A9G. If you can deal with the slightly low brightness, you'll get to experience some of the most refined pictures of any OLED TV to date.

The Q80T isn't the fanciest QLED in this year's range, but it really does offer a lot, as the cheapest QLED with a full-array backlight, meaning you don't have to skimp with an edge-lit display like last year's Q60R. It's a fantastic choice for gamers, given consistently low input lag to ensure your gaming console of choice — PS4 ProXbox One Xor otherwise — is funnelling video output to your screen with as little delay as possible, at just 8.

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